Hello Sir Kanguan weekend! the shoes for you today are , Mr. Chen, 849558-009 [PE/GOD/FO] CLOT, x, NIKE, VAPORMAX, Flyknit, joint red and black Mr. Chen, foot up, Chen is really a trend ICON. He's a leader. He's the key to the trend. He didn't cross the Boost coconut...... (Shawn Yue: I'm just a porter of the trend) real map text summary this is the Putian version, and 660 equals 3000 new version of the highest version of the perfect restore company without fear of any contrast detailed explanation, please pay attention to the video here, simply say a few differences, - the upper side el Retro jordans for sale astic line slightly raised and likely other versions of genuine consistent vamp is inconsistent with the genuine plane overall color correction is more accurate, natural heel support material is more light, can obviously touch bump, other version concave convex feeling is not so obvious - toe shape is more accurate (for details, please look forward to video Commentary) contrast chart poison APP verification post well, today's article here, interested in the following message, with small exchanges! Putian shoes are garbage? Nike, Nike, Air, VaporMax, comparative analysis, the real Putian shoe cheap jordans for sale mens s! Air Jordan6 with black and red contrast Putian shoes in the end what kind of? Detailed comparison, evaluation, Adidas, EQT each version details of figure By the end of , the busy and busy holiday season is coming. This year, we may as well have a comfortable and warm winter experience! Recently Converse and Italy famous fashion brand Missoni released ninth First String product line Chuck Taylor All Star products, "70 Missoni special series, to travel to provide more selective fashion collocation. The Missoni series consists of two different design shoes, all inspired by the 2014 Missoni autumn and win cheap foamposites ter, the selection of high-end materials combining the color and other elements in the winter, with suede and wool inside bring more comfortable and warm winter experience. The design also has a new breakthrough: , {div, style=", text-align:, center", 〉for promotion, Shanghai two company big hit " Adidas "banner. "All Adidas" trademark of the German Adidas Salomon Co. on the grounds of unfair competition to the two companies to court. The day before, the Shanghai Huangpu court mediation of the dispute. Adidas Salomon Ltd. (referred to as Adidas company) in manufacturing various types of spo Cheap air jordans for sale rts , sports shoes famous, it owns the trademark "Adidas" is the world well-known trademark. In 1997, the company registered the "Adidas" brand in china. Shanghai ADA Sports Goods Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as wandanu company) in the investment process, the extensive use of "United States Adidas wandanu International Holdings Ltd., authorized the promotional text, also claimed that" this is a series of "Adidas's investment in the negotiations, including the words" United States Adidas together for our company, words and logo have to take off, but otherwise no sales". The company's franc Retro jordans for sale hise Shanghai wandanu Oubufa Clothing Co. Ltd., in the places of sale also extensive use of the same word propaganda. Adidas company believes that two companies of "free rider" purpose is very clear, the purpose is to let There is no doubt that the Max Air design before the revolutionary VaporMax Air will be replaced, and today the network is also the first exposure of a new VaporMax Trainer training shoes. The new Flyknit knitted material lightweight breathable a shoe body, supplemented by Hyperfuse material wrapped around the flank still by Swoosh last decoration, equipped with the new VaporMax cheap jordans for sale Air end show. 1.jpg (216.46 KB, download number: 7) download Nike VaporMax Trainer first exposure training shoes 2017-5-2 16:24 upload 00 foreign websites insidethesneakerbox again received a special boxed shoes, only this time the protagonist change into the adidas D rose 5Boost. Appearance of the box combined with boost technology and a wooden floor, then open can see writing full D rose 5Boost backing paper, underneath is placed by the Li dragon cut rose logo installed. Then you will be able to see the Rose D 5 and Rose Derrick related promotional photos. we made the news, never care about what yo Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping u do not see finished, there is also a WeChat micro-blog, search Dunkhome, shoes news anytime, anywhere. source: kenluDesign Inspirations from low tube design in 2002 Nike day before SB, the high tube as a design template again for the launch of Dunk's highly acclaimed Denim version of tannin. The use of new materials of shoes in shades of tannins, complemented by a white car line draw the outline of the classic lines of the shoe body, finally equipped with white midsole and red outsole. item: 881758-441 release date: February 23rdPrice: nike-sb-dunk-high-reese-denim-881758-441-1.jpg (192.29 KB, downloa Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping d number: 5) download Nike SB Dunk High Denim officially released it 2017-2-17 09:09 upload nike-sb-dunk-high-reese-denim-881758-441-4.jpg (307.35 KB, download number: 6) download Nike SB Dunk High Denim officially released it 2017-2-17 09:09 upload nike-sb-dunk-high-reese-denim-881758-441-5.jpg (177.91 KB, download number: 6) download Nike SB Dunk High Denim officially released it 2017-2-17 09:09 upload nike-sb-dunk-high-reese-denim-881758-441-2.jpg (177.2 KB, download number: 6) download Nike SB Dunk High Denim officially released it 2017-2-17 09:09 upload nike-sb-dunk-high-reese-denim cheap jordans online -881758-441-3.jpg (168.69 KB, download number: 7) download Nike SB Dunk High Denim officially released it 2017-2-17 09:09 upload nike-sb-dunk-high-reese0 in recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard, children born after 80s for the child, so parents spend on their children are also more willing to eat, whether with wear, are the best and most expensive. It is the mentality of the parents, many businesses will make money targets transferred to them, the use of parents for children's favorite to make profits. According to statistics, China's 3-12 year old children and about cheap jordan shoes for men 230 million people, according to the present stage of China's urbanization rate of 45% projections, the age of urban children's population reached 100 million people. This means that, according to each school children spend 4 pairs of shoes per year, average price of 40 yuan per pair of conservative data, the size of the market will be more than 16 billion yuan. Therefore, investment experts said, "http://info.shoes.hc360.com/zt/chsh/index.shtml shoes brand has a huge potential market in the fierce competition in the market, is now a rare piece of blue ocean, has unlimited space for development. in the face of such a huge market potential and the lack of major brand Chinese shoes market, foreign shoe brand children's shoes have vied to look at fiercely as a tiger does, some of China's market share. The famous children's shoes brand "Twelve Bei", as a child's favorite children's products brand, has landed in the Chinese market. Twelve children's sports, leisure, Bei family culture, fully embodies the "all for the children" concept, by the famous designer shoes developed specifically for children: nearly China tailored harsh pursuit of perfection: health, comfortable and breathable...... Expert analysis, which will herald China's children's shoes market war launched in full swing. children's shoes market has always been one of the most promising markets in the footwear industry, and also a relatively special industry in the shoe-making industry. However, the children's shoes industry occupies a very small proportion in the entire footwear industry, and the phenomenon of brand absence is serious. It has become a top priority for China's children's shoes industry to build a strong brand represented by "Twelve Bei". The consumption of twelve brands of children's shoes, such as Bei Bei, has been on the rise in recent years. With the further increase of household income, Chinese shoes market demand has been from the past to meet the basic practical life began to fashion the pursuit of beauty, in some economically developed city, the trend of consumer trends and brand of children's needs. today, consumers pay more attention to the culture of consumer products; in the purchase of shoes, more attention is paid to the brand, as well as the cultural connotations of the brand. To some extent, consumption upgrade is an endless trend. With the continuous development of enterprise brand culture, it is right