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adidas originals recently will continue using the innovation Primeknit technology into its sections of the classic type of shoes, and has representative campus 80s this season also put on a new coat. Select the black and white color concept, two pairs of shoes are used Primeknit knitted material making shoe body to create a poromeric bonded Jiaogan, side bars and heel to bright black or embroidered in white rice, and then carry retro signs at the end. Prices are about $$190, the two pairs of shoes has been through Titolo Adidas Originals to specify the store purchase. source: Titoloadidas Originals NMD R1 launched the new "Glitch Camo Core" black gray color matching. This texture in last year has had launched a series of cheap jordans online grey, now back with black, grey mixed Primeknit to create a unique texture uppers, soles collocation black and gray main color box design, and equipped with TPU and NMD stent with exclusive heel tab. The three patterns on the side of shoes are made of 3M reflective material to bring more new ideas into the shoes. And choose brand logo white BOOST technology in the bottom, to bring home comfort with a sense of use. The "Glitch Camo Core" black gray color is priced at $Renarts and has been on the shelves of $130. Unfortunately, they have been sold out, and each shoe fan will be able to monitor the sale of other distributors. For! This pair is the 1985 launch of the first pair of Chicago color, is AJ in the eyes of many Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping superior fetish, today Jordan Brand launched the 2015 copy of don't know if you got there? There is hearsay refers to the engraved hair sales volume is very small, so buy Yoho! Boy after a few days should be happy to sleep it, and wait until the color again launched Ganso do not know how many years after. Today, with this boom, let's review Air Jordan 1 from the past! TOP 20, Air, Jordan,, You, Need, To, Know the first double red and black Chicago bulls home court color, every bull fans want to have Air Jordan 1, " and Banned" classic; is at the same level, is also 1 generation of Jordan wearing the most shoes. Houjie liaoxia shoe market after the recent standardization management, the rate of more than 90% venue op cheap jordan shoes for men erators, operating independently, joining the brand reached 83, to achieve a licence, brand, money "three step". liaoxia shoe market is the main business district of my town footwear products trade, but also to promote the domestic shoe "bridgehead", to attract good fortune (Hongyun stores), Kang beauty, Dewin shoe roots operation. However, because of the increasing number of merchants with finished shoes in the surrounding streets and lanes, there are also some unlicensed or infringing business practices. To this end, Houjie town to further strengthen the enterprise guidance, the implementation of enterprise "admission margin system", enterprise publicity and letters (and letter stores) commitment system. At the sa Cheap air jordan 12 ovo me time, improve the market management system, the management measures such as shops, shopping malls and clear management responsibilities of operator's obligation to obey the law, require businesses take the initiative to the business sector for the business license, conscientiously carry out honesty (integrity stores) law-abiding business, effectively promote the standardization management of the finished product shoe market. Many businesses said that the implementation of the law, law-abiding, help foster independent brands, greater space for development. it is reported that as of the end of June this year, the north loop liaoxia shoe shopping mall rental shops 685 households, 646 households do, according to the cheap jordans for sale rate of 94.3%, operating independently, joining the brand increased to 83. next, Houjie town of industry and commerce, by letter and other departments will continue to do a good job of management and service, to further standardize business practices, and strive to build the market of finished shoes become a booster for the transformation and upgrading of the footwear industry ". (Editor: leaf) has successfully passed the IPO the largest industrial leather leather production enterprises, if no accident, two or three months later, after 8 years of listing marathon industrial leather, will become the first domestic leather industry listed companies. in this process, the most afraid is exposed "environmental protecti Retro jordans for sale on gate" event. Wang Jingfeng said, like Societe Generale leather such enterprises, now every move for the attention of the outside world. If you encounter the "environmental protection gate" incident at this time, the listing will become very troublesome. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to make efforts for environmental protection, even if the environmental standards in the past, the future still can not afford to relax. Otherwise, once someone else does not meet the environmental protection event, shaking out the whole "environmental protection gate" incident, the road will become rough ups and downs. Societe Generale leather as early as 2005, Societe Generale leather has been put on the market concept, its ini Cheap air jordans for sale tial listing destination for Hongkong. According to Societe Generale leather in 2006 formulated the "three year plan", Societe Generale leather originally planned in the first half of 2008 overseas listing. But in March 2007, Societe Generale leather suddenly will be listed on the target market to domestic. as early as 2003, the State Environmental Protection Administration has issued "on the re financing of the Corporations Applying for listing and the Listed Corporations Applying for environmental protection verification provisions", enterprises must carry out environmental verification requirements listed. While industrial leather completed the shareholding reform and plan for the first time to launch sprint domestic cheap foamposites capital market, in January 9, 2008, the Commission issued a "notice" on the heavy pollution industry production management company IPO application documents, according to the document, the heavy pollution industry application property management company IPO application documents. The State Environmental protection administration shall provide the verification opinions; without obtaining environmental verification opinion, do not accept the application. According to this provision, the industrial leather tanning enterprises to apply for listing is required after a series of strict environmental protection verification procedures, which makes industrial leather listed again a renegade amphitropous. At the same time, in Oct cheap jordans for sale mens ober 2009, in a raid on the province's environmental protection department of leather industry in Fujian Province, there are 92 existing pollution control issues, the province's 109 tannery in all polluting enterprises in Fujian province is ordered to close down or rectification. In August 2010, the Fujian provincial government issued the circular called "the most severe leather regulation policy in our country" and "notice on strengthening the prevention and control of pollution in the leather industry". In January 2011, Fujian again issued a more severe "2011-2015 years of leather industry major pollutants total reduction program", the whole leather industry environmental protection string more tight more tight. Februar Retro jordans for sale y 27th, the Fujian provincial environmental protection department recently announced a list of key pollution control sources in 2012 in Fujian Province, Fujian 798 companies listed on the list, of which 545 are the national key monitoring companies. In the 545 countries focus on monitoring companies, which was included in the "leather industrial wastewater monitoring of key state enterprises, but also to be included in the" list of national key enterprises "heavy metal enterprises, has become a rare" double "monitoring enterprises. So, Societe Generale)Nike launched a round of sports shoes boots the Sneakerboot boom last year, which will launch a new type of shoes of a Lunarfresh, in 2015 Sneakerboot's thunder fire seems not the slightest sign of dying, and it is more and more fire. Recently, released less than half the time of the Lunarfresh update again, launched a new version of QS Lunarfresh Sneakerboot, the body of the shoe and details of earlier release of Lunarfresh is different than this has changed Nubuc as the main material to create a shoe body, is more suitable for daily travel by collocation. The new Lunarfresh Sneakerboot QS is on Overkill online store on sale, interested friends may wish to pay attention to. 88231717b0628ee99c28cc2f12879758.jpg (254.02 KB, download number: 13) download Nike Lunarfresh Sneakerboot QS new shoes 2015-1-13 13:49 upload Nike 00A pair of Air Jordan 16 may let you feel both familiar and unfamiliar shoes, it is "God" is one of the generation of shoes, it does not often appear in our field of vision, always give a person a kind of feeling that neither friendly nor aloof, so Air Jordan 16 Low is more rare, the day before the network exposed the Sample version sold a pair of never. The dark gray and light gray vamp, white lining and laces as upper highlights. Although the shoes are many years ago but the main push version of the color of a color and material and the current is basically the same, prospective visible designer. 20140729103430_15771.jpg (81.07 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 16 Low is not commercially available version of 2014-7-29 11:35 upload 20140729103430_14586.jpg (118.63 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 16 Low is not commercially available version of 2014-7-29 11:36 upload 20140729103430_36646.jpg (101.43 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 16 Low is not commercially available version of 2014-7-29 11:36 upload 20140729103500_45668.jpg (96.73 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 16 Low is not commercially available version of 2014-7-29 11:36 upload 20140729103500_59416.jpg (107.44 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 16 Low is not commercially available version of 2014-7-29 11:36 upload 20140729103500_61061.jpg (66.54 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 16 Low is not commercially available version of 2014-7-29 11:36 upload Jordan 00